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Free valuation

As we are in charge of sales management, we make available an appraisal which take into account all the average value of the area, the amount of properties that compete with and the sold properties by our agency with the same features in the last months.

Having all that information, you could freely set the best possible price for selling your property.


Legal and fiscal Advice

We contribute with our knowledge in legal and fiscal issues acquired through 13 years of experience in selling properties in Baleares. We offer:

Legal advice about the registry situation of the property, state of charge, mortgage, seizure, resolute condition, sales restriction, inherited situation, divorce, etc.

Fiscal advice about expenses and taxed intrinsic to the purchase.


Advertising and Marketing

We have a marketing plan for the commercialization of your property in order to have the best presentation of your property in the market.

We offer a photographic and video report and assessor for the adaptation and the best presentation of your property.



Once your property is positioned and got the best letter of presentation we will send the information of your property to the registered buyers portfolio.

As we have a large experience in Baleares, we daily receive between 50 and 100 purchase request, so we can close the purchase process in a very short time.


When we find a potential customer for your property, we make a solvency analysis process of the property and we identify, in a very accurate way, the requirements you want in a property so, if it does not fit with the features of your property, we will avoid unnecessary visits.

We give the buyer the opportunity of financing up to 100% of the property.

Our agency collaborates with a wide range of banks that could grant up to 100% of the finance of the possible buyers, providing them the achievement of the transaction.

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