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In Afripay we know how important it is to feel safe when it comes to renting your home, for them we elaborate the rental agreement for you.


Because time is worth gold, in Afripay we offer you to clean your property before the entrance of the tenant and after his departure, so that everything is perfect, and you enjoy your time.


You enjoy your time, while we take care of your needs as regards the selection of the tenant of your home, we take care of requesting and checking the documents provided by the same to ensure of the monthly payments.

Professional photography

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, photography is the best way to make your property known on the Internet.
In Afripay we offer a professional photo shoot of rental properties.

This way your property will be more visited, you will be able to position yourself better and rent in less time.


With Afripay you can rest easy, because we work with professionals who are responsible for solving any type of technical impact on the property
- Technical service of plumbing, electricity.
- Technical service of appliances and painting.
- Emergency service 24h.

Online publication

Visibility on the Internet is the key point, and this will be proportional to the number of contacts that will occur. That is why in Afripay we work every day to improve the visibility of the rent making publications in the best online websites and agencies. We also set your apartment to appear in the best possible positions in the search results. All this is achieved with competitive prices and professional photographs.

Romina Cherini

Romina Cherini

Rental Director

Romina Cherini

Rental Director

Rentals Direction

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