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Check -in, information and cleaning.

With Afripay you do not have to worry for welcoming visitors, we do it for you. We inform and welcome them doing the check- in, charging the deposit and the ecotax when they arrive, and the check- out at the end of their stay. We inform you in several languages about the touristic activities, entertainment districts and interest points and all the services such as pharmacies and health centers, etc.
Our professional cleaning services will be in charge to leave your property ready for your next visitors. We include the housekeeping, bedding and towels.

Attention to visitors 24 hours.

Enjoy your time while we solve the visitors’ needs before, after and during their stay. We make sure that visitors have all the necessary services and information of the accommodation, activities, and information of the place.
We have:
-Telephone assistance 24 hours.
-Information about the area created exclusively for your house.
- basic products
-English attention

Professional Photographs

Because a picture worth a thousand words, photography is the best way of showing your property in Internet.
In Afripay we include a professional photo session, free, of the vacation properties.
In this way, your property will be more visited and will be positioned in the best portals of vocational property.

Charge management

In Afripay we manage everything related to your vacation rental, without fixed cost.
Depending on the property features, area, and jurisdiction we stablish several rates in accordance with the owner based on the different requests according to the time of the year. They will vary depending if it is high or low season.


With Afripay you do not have to worry, we work with professionals who are in charge of solving any type of technic incidence of the property.
- Plumbing and electricity technical service.
- Electrical appliance and painting technical service.
- Emergency service.
- Kitchen utensils and furnishing purchasing.
- Towels and bedding previous purchase.

Tune- up

All the vocational properties need certain basic and essential products to make your visitors’
Stay perfect.
In Afripay we make the owner’s job easier because we take charge of tuning the place. It includes:
-Pillows and Nordics
- Mattress cover
- Towels
- Kitchen utensils.
- Basic hygiene products.

Our own website with reservations

Our principal aim is to get a high number of visitors with the best price. That is why we work hard to increase the visibility of the properties in our web site.
If you choose the vocational management with Afripay, we will include you in where we incorporate online reservations synchronized with the rest of the vocational portals for free.
Our goal is not only to facilitate but also to make sure the online reservations for the owners and visitors, to this effect we provide the calendar selection, safety online payment with credit card and immediate or under certain conditions bookings.

Portals Publication

Nowadays the vocational offer is certainly wide. The visibility in the Internet is a key point and it will be proportional to the number of reservations that will produce. For that reason, in Afripay we daily work to improve the accommodation visibility and we published in the best online portals and agencies. We also configure your apartment to be shown in the best places in the search results. This is the motive why we have competitive prices, professional photographs, updated and synchronized calendars and a high ratio of answers with the visitors which are the strengths for the vocational accommodation visibility.

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